Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a controlled burn?

A controlled burn is a fire consisting of brush, leaves, or other natural material, that is purposely set. These fire are to be watched and remain under control the entire time. No other material, such as oil, trash, furniture, tires, or other non-natural material may be burned. (even if burn is controlled) Any non-natural object/s being burned is considered an illegal burn. Illegal burns are subject to fines and if the burn object/s is large enough, it may be considered arson. 

Do I call the fire station to report an emergency?

No, 911 Communication Center in Janesville, WI receives all emergency calls in Rock County. They then dispatch the department responsible for the area the call came from. 

What are the restrictions / regulations for controlled fires within the city limits of Edgerton?

The City of Edgerton allows only small cooking campfires that are no larger than a 5 foot x 5 foot area. No leaves, rubbish, large bonfires, etc... are allowed within the city limits. The fire department will respond for such violations and bill $500.00 to the party responsible for the violation(s). 

Do I have to report all controlled burns, even if it's small?

Yes, you must report all controlled burns or you are subject to a $500 fee if the fire department responds.

How do I report a controlled burn?

To report a controlled burn, call the Edgerton Fire Department at (608) 884-3327 and give your name, address, and phone number to a firefighter or leave your information on the answering machine.

When is the best time to reach a person at the fire station?

The fire station is staffed from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. You may leave a message after hours by calling 884-3327.

Why does the fire department respond if I just call for the ambulance?

A majority of Edgerton firefighters are EMS First Responders or EMTs. They only get dispatched with the ambulance for advanced medical calls. Advanced medical calls require additional assistance that the ambulance crew alone cannot provide, such as cardiac arrests.

Who should I contact regarding billing questions?

Edgerton Fire Protection District uses an outside billing company named Lifequest Technologies. Any questions should first be addressed to Lifequest Technologies at 1-888-777-4911. If your question is not answered, you are welcome to attend the Edgerton Fire Protection District meeting held on the first Thursday of each month. You may discuss your billing questions under the "public appearance" forum.